Builder A built a 2 storey 4 bed, 2 bath display home and advertised he could build it in 10 months for a price of $299,750. The building was built using conventional methods using scaffold, cranes & hoists.

Builder B had a slightly larger but similar design of home at a price of $254,600, a saving of over $45,000. It is built using the JJack Building system, the cost does not include scaffold, cranes and hoists and it has been built in 7 months.

Further savings for the client are as follows;

  1. the energy rating of the home was much better with the R value of the walls being 8 times higher;
  2. Less build time = a saving of 3 months in rent and/or interest costs;
  3. ongoing interest on the lower mortgage;
  4. lower ongoing energy costs;
  5. lower ongoing maintenance costs using a steel farmed structure.

Total savings are calculated to be approximately $100,000 within the first 10 years.