On 21/2/2014 Max & Melissa signed the contract to build a 4 bed 2 bathroom 2 storey home with a balcony.

By 31/3/2014 the building permit and finance approval had been received and the builder started programming and ordering materials to start the build on site.

On 5/5/2014 the ground slab was laid, before the water corp had even connected the water meter.

Max & Melissa were engaged and Max wanted to surprise Melissa by returning from their honey moon and moving into their new house, in early December that year!

This left the builder with just over 6 months to complete the home. At that time the normal build time for a large 2 storey home was around 12 months.

The builder advised Max if the house was built using conventional methods, using scaffold, cranes & hoists it would not be possible to complete by late November. Especially given the building would be done during winter when weather would delay construction work.

The builder suggested Max consider the Jjack Building System as it was the only way possible to complete their home by late November.

Max agreed to give it a go. Understanding it was not guaranteed but the only chance of moving in on returning from their honey moon.

Fortunately, the weather only caused small delays before the upper floor was completed at ground level and then was lifted to the 2 storey height, this then allowed the brickies to work under cover during the rainy days and minimal time was lost due to weather.

Their home was completion just in time on the 28/11/2014 and Max & Melissa moved in shortly after returning from their honeymoon.

Everyone was very thankful and happy it all worked as planned.