7 years after commencing Research and development of the Jjack system, it has now been released to a selected number of WA builders.

At a small number of recent on-site demonstrations the system was inspected by Builders keen to find ways to offer a faster more

Affordable way to build 2 storey homes.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Inspecting the upper floor finished on the ground and then watching it being lifted up in less than 10 minutes, visiting builders

very quickly agree the Jjack system offs cost savings, time advantages, a safer work place, less exposure to risk, reduced requirement for supervisors time,

less planning and scheduling of materials and labour to site, better access to site, a cleaner site, more room and more…

The next step for a builder wanting to build with the Jjack system is signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

The MOU sets out the agreement including commercial in-confidence terms and the responsibilities of each party.

Once signed an in depth look is taken of all the system details and costings.

Comparing the details and costs of the Jjack system with conventional methods is essential to fully understanding the advantages

and benefits it offers a builder and their clients.

After numerous comparisons with builders using various conventional systems the results show an average of

a 30% time saving and 25% cost saving.

Many builders keen to eliminate scaffold and cranes are amazed at the savings an benefits and confess they would want to use

the system even if there were minimal time and cost savings.

Enquires from builders interested can be made thru the web site.