How Does The J-Jack System Work?

How Is It Revolutionary?

The Technology

Our Jacking System - J-Jack Systems
Our Jacking System - J-Jack Systems

The Difference

Standard Bottom Floor First w/ Scaffolding Top Floor First W/ J-Jack Lifts
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  POD j-Jack
Is it able to lift buildings with a concrete slab to the upper floor? No Yes
Can it lift buildings of any size? No Yes
Can it lift buildings of any weight? No Yes
Is it suited for buildings with wide eaves? No Yes
Can it lift multiple buildings at once? I.e. Units/Apartments No Yes
Does it provide minimal to zero deflection during lifting? No Yes
Is it stable in winds of up to 25 knots? No Yes
Can the system be operated without a working at heights permit? No Yes
Lifting possible next to or under power lines? No Yes
Can I use this at sites where there is no vehicle access? No Yes
Can it only lift structures vertically? No Yes
Will it suit factory & site built buildings? No Yes
Does it work on lifting buildings with zero lot walls? No Yes
How often does it operate with no damage? Occasionally 90% of the time

There are many advantages to the j-Jack Construction method although the key advantages are;

  1. Construction time is significantly reduced, up to 30%
  2. Eliminates the need for 2-storey scaffolding
  3. No scaffolding blocking access means more space on small sites
  4. No need to gain access to neighbours lot for scaffolding
  5. Safety of working improves with no working at heights
  6. Less interruption of trades when working at ground level
  7. Cranes rarely required for construction at ground level
  8. Build close to, and sometimes under, power lines
  9. Very tidy and uncluttered site results in more room for materials and rubbish
  10. Any size building can be lifted so design is flexible

Yes, due to the requirement for a lifting slab the building needs to be designed, engineered and built to proven jJack lifting specifications. However this is usually done by one of our trusted jJack partners at the plans stage so it doesn't add additional cost to your home build.

The degree of structural change required varies from build to build and depends on your plans. Once one of our j-Jack approved builders has received your plans they will be able to advise you.

The changes usually include additional footings for our precise lifting jacks, lifting beams, columns and braces.

Our patented

No, every single project that has used the j-Jack system has been less expensive and faster to build. Lifting has also provided numerous other associated advantages including more site space and savings on scaffolding, cranes and much more.

The results vary from build to build although we have found that it usually reduces build time by 30% compared to conventional methods.

Yes, virtually any building can be lifted. Some buildings are more suited by virtue of their design being more suitable.

We can lift 3 storeys with concrete floors or 5 to 6 storeys with light weight floors and walls.

Yes, any size or configurations can be lifted

Send us your plans and we will give you our initial report with an estimate of cost and the process involved taking into consideration the site and other factors

Lifting is a process of many steps, it could take 2 days or more and we will only proceed when everything is exactly right. This unfortunately means we can't give you an exact time.

However, we can organise group events on the appropriate sites that you could attend so please contact us to discuss

We have lifted existing houses to build under them and we can also shift them on the site to allow for subdivision or just relocate for other reasons.

Yes, we have lifted buildings with double brick and concrete slabs as the lifting process is very precise.

We can also move masonary buildings and/or build under them.

The Jjack system has been used for various other applications include industrial, mining and commercial.

We can raise the height of existing factories and warehouses no matter how large they are.

We can build roofs at ground level and raise them for building under.

We can lift tanks, machinery, air craft etc…

The lifting process is very precise and synchronised. Using our own proprietary solution, the jacks are controlled to within 1 millimetre. Even with vastly different loads they have very small variation, which means we can add more jacks to lift larger buildings with almost no limit