Mark built a house using the Jjack Building system in Clarkson on a small narrow lot. Both sides of the house were built within 50mm of the boundary. On 1 side was the garage and on the other the external walls of the house.

The neighbour was already in the process of building and had erected scaffold inside the boundary of Marks land and was using Marks land for materials storage, parking and rubbish disposal. The neighbour was asked to move the scaffold and clear the site, but pleaded with Mark to let him keep building or he would have to stop work without scaffold.

Fortunately for the neighbour Mark agreed and ended up waiting 8 weeks for the scaffold to be removed and the site cleaned before Mark could start building his own house.

Because Marks builder used the Jjack Building system he did not need to use either of his neighbours land. The upper floor of Marks house was built on the ground then lifted up and built under. In many of these instances permission to use neighbours land is not given adding substantial costs and complexity to the building process which is passed onto the client.

The Jjack building system is ideally suited to small lots and building to the boundary as there is more room on site for materials handling, loading, storage and access. It reduces the cost of constant rubbish removal, leaves room for parking, allows multiple trades to work on site at the same time, results in less interruption of work due to scaffold changes and reloading, reduces the supervision and cost of these logistic issues as well as reducing cost and allowing a faster build time.